Reading Time: 5 minutes The last 12 months in many ways have been a microcosm of so much that is good and bad about emerging markets equity investing.

global equity value investment outlook

Reading Time: 6 minutes While market strength and the relative resilience of economies are encouraging, recent fiscal policy announcements highlight the uncertainty that continues to govern the pandemic response.

Reading Time: 6 minutes In anticipation of a vaccine-led, fiscal spending supported economic recovery, equity markets have risen strongly from the lows last year.


Reading Time: 2 minutes Inflation prints will almost inevitably step up during the course of this year as a consequence of a return towards normality. However, any rise should be limited.


Reading Time: 8 minutes Green bonds' proceeds are directed exclusively to financing projects that have a positive environmental impact. However there is still no one widely accepted definition of what constitutes green.

green stalks in a field

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is still an opportunity for green finance now as well as in the future to facilitate the transition to greener, more sustainable ways of doing business.

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