Mondrian International Value Equity Fund


Fund Facts as of December 31st, 2019

Ticker MPIEX
Net Expense Ratio* 0.79%
Gross Expense Ratio 0.88%
Sales Charge None
Inception Date 02/04/1992
Morningstar Rating (December 31, 2019) ★★★★
Benchmark MSCI EAFE
Minimum Initial Investment $50,000
Minimum Subsequent Investment $100
CUSIP 36381Y108

Effective March 1, 2019, The Fund changed it’s name to the Mondrian International Value Equity Fund (formerly Mondrian International Equity Fund), the ticker to MPIEX (formerly DPIEX) and the minimum initial investment to $50,000 (formerly $1 million).

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The Mondrian International Value Equity Fund was rated against the following numbers of U.S.-domiciled Foreign Large value funds over the following time periods: 304 funds in the last three years, 253 funds in the last five years and 165 funds in the last ten years. With respect to these Foreign Large Value funds, the Mondrian International Value Equity Fund received a Morningstar Rating of 4 stars, 4 stars and 4 stars for the three, five and ten-year periods, respectively. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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Fund News

London, UK, January 2019 – Morningtar: DPIEX “Outperformance in downturns pays off over time.”

The Fund maintained its Morningstar Analyst Rating of Bronze, with a positive rating for each of five pillars —process, performance, people, parent, and price—which it also earned in February 2018.

According to the report, “The Fund has a solid approach and the right team in place to execute it…Founded in the early 1990s, Mondrian—a boutique based in London—is still led by its founders and still relies on the patient, dividend focused value strategy that they brought to the firm.”

For more information, read the analyst’s report by clicking on the above report image, which includes an analysis of the Fund’s Process, Performance, People, Parent, and Pricing.


London, UK, September 2018 – Mondrian Investment Partners Limited announced the reorganizations of the Laudus Mondrian International Equity Fund (LIEIX), Laudus Mondrian Emerging Markets Fund (LEMNX) and the Laudus Mondrian International Government Fixed Income Fund (LIFNX) effective September 24, 2018.

With all three reorganizations, Mondrian transitioned from the sub-advisor to the advisor and will continue to apply Mondrian’s value investment philosophy, methodology and portfolio management process to each Fund.

Read more.

London, UK, April 2018 –  Morningtar: DPIEX “Worth a Look

According to the report, “Experience wouldn’t be a selling point without the consistent application of a solid method and performance to demonstrate its value, and this fund has both.”

For more information, read the analyst’s report by clicking on the above report image, which includes an analysis of the Fund’s Process, Performance, People, Parent, and Pricing.

London, UK, March 2016 – Mondrian Investment Partners Limited announced the reorganization of the Delaware Pooled Trust International Equity Fund (DPIEX) into the Mondrian International Equity Fund. With the Fund’s reorganization, Mondrian transitions from the sub-advisor to the advisor for the Fund. The Fund is available to new institutional investors starting today.

“Mondrian has managed this portfolio since inception in February 1992, offering shareholders a long-term record of outperformance and lower volatility as compared to MSCI EAFE and the Morningstar Foreign Large Value peer group” said Clive Gillmore CEO and Group CIO for Mondrian.  The Fund’s investment team, led by CIO Elizabeth Desmond, will continue to apply Mondrian’s philosophy, methodology, and portfolio management process and anticipate providing the defensive, value-oriented characteristics that have been consistently delivered for over two decades.  Gillmore added, “The ability to manage our own mutual fund builds on our strategy of delivering our investment capabilities to a broad range of institutional investors.  We believe that the Mondrian International Equity Fund will be of interest to defined contribution plan sponsors and their consultants, as well as other US institutional advisors.”

Fund Features

Universe of Securities

The Fund’s universe spans markets covered in the MSCI EAFE Index (developed markets outside of North America) and some select exposure to emerging markets with adequate investor protection and good repatriation procedures. We narrow the universe to a list of more than 1000 securities on the basis of value criteria such as price to book, price to cash flow ratio, price to earnings ratio, yield, and liquidity considerations.

Security Selection

Security selection is the most important part of Mondrian’s equity investment process. Mondrian uses the same dividend discount valuation model of future income streams across all markets, securities and industries. Securities which are significantly mispriced relative to the dividend discount valuation are purchase and sale candidates.

Key to the security selection process is fundamental company analysis and a regular program of meeting with companies. Meeting with the management of holdings is important to the investment process. The firm uses forward looking valuations, and therefore, the business plans and projections for a company’s future are extremely important.

Country Selection

Tied to the security selection is a top-down country allocation overlay that helps to structure the portfolio. Markets are analyzed by the relevant regional specialist who uses an aggregated dividend discount model to assess each market’s real return potential. This analysis is combined with shorter term political and monetary considerations to assist the International Equity team in screening for potential ideas and to guide them in building the portfolio’s country allocations. These allocations can vary substantially from the index.

Sector/Industry Selection

Sector / Industry selection forms a secondary part of the Fund’s portfolio construction process. Levels of all allocations to sectors are monitored to ensure prudent diversification. Sector allocations can vary substantially from the index.

Currency Selection

We believe in the long term, currencies adjust back to their long term purchasing power parity value relative to the US dollar. Over the short-term, currencies can fluctuate significantly around this value. Consequently, Mondrian may defensively hedge a foreign currency back to the US dollar if we feel that currency is materially overvalued.

Market Cap

Capitalization size is not a major factor in the Mondrian equity investment process. There is no set percentage of the Fund that will be invested in certain capitalization size ranges. The majority of the Fund is invested in medium and large capitalization stocks.

The MSCI EAFE Index (Europe, Australasia, Far East) is a free-float adjusted market capitalization index that is designed to measure the equity market performance of developed markets, excluding the US and Canada.  Index returns are shown with net dividends reinvested.

The MSCI EAFE Value Index captures large and mid cap securities exhibiting overall value style characteristics across Developed Markets countries around the world, excluding the US and Canada.  The value investment style characteristics for index construction are defined using three variables: book value to price, 12-month forward earnings to price and dividend yield.

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