Mondrian International Value Equity Fund

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International Equity Fund – A More Favorable Perspective for International Equities

Mondrian’s 3rd Quarter 2019 International Equity Fund’s Investment Outlook , A More Favorable Perspective for International Equities  was recently featured in Advisor Perspectives.  PDF Available Strong market returns in 2019 despite geopolitical overhang World equity markets have produced strong returns year-to-date, driven by declining interest rates and rising growth stocks. Despite double-digit gains for the […]

International Equity Fund – First Quarter 2019 Investment Outlook

Strong start to the year for equity markets Amidst increasing concern over deteriorating economic growth, geo-political uncertainty and the prospects of tightening monetary policy, global equity and credit markets threw a temper tantrum towards the end of 2018.  Reacting swiftly to the near-term data points, the Fed took the lead signaling a pause in monetary […]

A Case Study for Bottom-up Analysis

At Mondrian, while we are not activist investors in the traditional understanding of the word, in order to protect and advance the interests of our clients, we do engage with management or at board level as appropriate. This long-term, considered approach is often complementary to that of company management. Our recent interactions with Fujifilm1, a […]

Dividend Yield and Future Real Growth are Keys to Long-Term International Equity Investing Success

Nearly a decade into an economic recovery marked by low yields and stock market volatility, wary investors are still struggling with where to allocate portfolio assets for stable, long-term returns. The data suggest that portfolios with exposure to international equities have the potential to produce superior risk-adjusted returns, yet there is still reluctance among some […]

Why International Value Stocks Should be Part of a Diversified Portfolio

Investors have long known that adding international equity exposure to their portfolios will add diversification benefits that may improve returns and dampen portfolio volatility. However, particularly since the US stock market has outperformed international equities for nearly a decade, some may falsely believe that owning non-US stocks no longer offers the performance-enhancing advantage it once […]
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