Mondrian Expands Mutual Fund Offerings

We are pleased to announce the reorganizations of the Laudus Mondrian International Equity Fund (LIEIX), Laudus Mondrian Emerging Markets Fund (LEMNX) and the Laudus Mondrian International Government Fixed Income Fund (LIFNX) effective September 24, 2018.

With all three reorganizations, Mondrian transitioned from the sub-advisor to the advisor and will continue to apply Mondrian’s value investment philosophy, methodology and portfolio management process to each Fund.

The Laudus Mondrian International Equity Fund (LIEIX) has merged into the existing Mondrian International Equity Fund (DPIEX). The Laudus International Equity Fund was managed in Mondrian’s Focused International Equity strategy, while the Mondrian International Equity Fund (DPIEX) is managed in accordance to our broader capitalization strategy. Both Funds have substantially the same investment objectives, are managed by the same team, and over time have displayed similar risk and return characteristics. The Mondrian International Equity Fund (DPIEX) remains open to new investors.

The Laudus Mondrian Emerging Markets Fund and the Laudus Mondrian International Government Fixed Income Fund were renamed the Mondrian Emerging Markets Equity Fund (LEMNX) and the Mondrian International Government Fixed Income Fund (LIFNX), respectively. The strategies for each Fund remain the same and open to new investors.

SEI, who serves as the current administrator and distributor for DPIEX, will also serve in this capacity for the two new Funds. SEI is a recognized market leader in the mutual fund industry, has demonstrated high quality service and we trust they will bring this to the reorganized Funds as well.

Key Benefits of the Reorganizations:

• Continuity of Mondrian value investment philosophy, methodology and investment team managing the Funds
• Experienced trustees, officers, and service providers
• Tax-free reorganization for federal income tax purposes



Mondrian’s sole focus is on our disciplined value investing style. Over time we have carefully added vehicle choices from our investment strategies to match market demand. By offering additional institutional mutual funds, along with various other vehicles, we are best positioned to meet the growing needs of our clients and the evolution of the industry.

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