Reading Time: 5 minutes There are a myriad of lessons to learn from 2020, but from an investor’s perspective, the pandemic highlighted the need for us to be adaptable, open minded and flexible.


Reading Time: 9 minutes Despite the COVID-19 gloom, and well against most expectations earlier in the year, market-level investment returns in 2020 offered a positive alternative universe.

Green Bonds

The Rise of a Green Bond Market

Reading Time: < 1 minute As green bonds continue to rise in issuance, investors are taking a closer look at this asset class. Sarah Mitchell, Portfolio Manager on Mondrian’s Global Fixed Income and Currency investment team, talks with Bond Buyer about the asset class. 

Emerging Markets Equities

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since the Global Financial Crisis (“GFC”) in 2008, the composition of the emerging market (“EM”) equity index has been through considerable change.

International Equity Outlook

Reading Time: 6 minutes Energy has been the worst performing sector in MSCI EAFE this year. So why do we believe there is long-term value in this sector?


Reading Time: 8 minutes The past decade has been a challenging period for value investors: record low interest rates and structural changes in the economy have caused investors to shun value stocks in favor of growth stocks.

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