CEO and Group CIO, Clive Gillmore, shares what he sees as the difficult moral choices embodied in ESG investing and how Mondrian embraces ESG issues into our methodology.


Mondrian’s David Cudmore discusses with ESG Clarity the increasing importance transition bonds have in the growth of the green bond market.


The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 was not a systemic crisis. The scale and speed of fiscal and monetary stimulus led by the US Federal Reserve drove global markets to bounce, registering strong gains for the full year.


COVID caused a seismic shock in countries across the world, leading to steep declines in global markets. Today, there remain significant mispricing opportunities and we believe the skew is clearly in favor of defensive, value investing.


In this exclusive interview manager Mondrian’s David Cudmore talks about the importance of sovereign issuance and what’s next for the green bond market, and the launch of Mondrian’s Global Green Bond Fund.


There are a myriad of lessons to learn from 2020, but from an investor’s perspective, the pandemic highlighted the need for us to be adaptable, open minded and flexible.

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