Notice to Laudus Mondrian Fund(s) shareholders

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  • Mondrian

    announces Institutional Mutual Fund with reorganization of former Delaware Pooled Trust International Equity Fund
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  • The Mondrian International Equity Fund

    employs a rigorous, research-driven, fundamental process.

  • Defensive value approach

    The Fund Seeks to minimize volatility and capture the long-term performance of non-US equity markets.

  • Long-term track record

    The Fund has utilized the same philosophy, team, and process for over 20 years.

Mondrian International Equity Fund

Mondrian Investment Partners Limited is a London based firm with approximately $55 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2018.

We are an employee owned business with over 80 partners.  Our client base is mainly institutional and global in nature.

Our international equity strategy dates back to 1990 and has utilized the same philosophy and process described below.  In total, we manage over $16 billion in international equity assets.

Fund Objective

The Mondrian International Equity Fund seeks long-term total return.

Fund Strategy

Mondrian is an active, value-oriented defensive manager. We invest in international securities where rigorous dividend discount analysis identifies value in terms of long-term flow of income. Dividend yield and future real growth play a central role in our decision making process and over time, the dividend component is expected to be a meaningful portion of the Fund’s expected total return.

The decision making process for the Mondrian International Equity Fund combines bottom-up and top-down analysis and stock selection is core to the Fund’s investment process. Key to the research process is fundamental company analysis and a comprehensive program of visiting current and prospective companies. The Fund’s investment approach seeks to generate three specific benefits:

  • Provide a rate of return meaningfully greater than the US shareholder’s domestic rate of inflation.
  • Preserve capital during protracted international market declines.
  • Provide Fund performance that is less volatile than the MSCI EAFE Index (developed markets outside of North America) and other international mutual funds.
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